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      1995Founded US Company
      1995First Shipment
      1994Started Production
      2005Developed 2V Battery for Telecom Applications
      2004Passed TLC Authentication
      2003Founded European Company
      2002Shipping Quantity over 10 Millions (Cal. By 7Ah/12V)
      2001Passed VdS Authentication
      1998Passed ISO9001 Quality System
      1999Shipping Quantity Over 6 Millions (Cal. By 7Ah/12V)
      2000Passed TSE Authentication
      2000Developed High- Rate HR Series
      2007Best Supplier from First Three UPS OEM Makers
      2010Announced New Categories, Gel and Traction Battery
      B.B. Battery was foundedIn 1992. In 20 years, we have made successful achievements from product quality, production facility, world recognition, environmental friendly industory to planing the future possibilities for battery users.
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